9 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Acne That Really Work

Acne problem experienced by almost everyone, acne appears due to the production of oil, clogged pores and dead skin cells and bacteria. Pimples will reduce confidence, disturbing appearance. healthuz.net will provide information on how to get rid of acne naturally you can do yourself

Acne appears due to many factors both from myself and from the outside, the oils are mixed with the dead skin cells will lead to blockage of the pores of the skin, as well as bacteria, these problems must be addressed if will not be severe, such as swell, Redden and appears to be a place which pus pimples appear

Acne that can be eliminated in a natural way, not even just in the face, pimples that appear on the back, chest, neck, shoulders, which has many oil glands

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Here is how to overcome acne naturally

1. Wash your face 2 times a day
Do by cleaning the affected facial acne using natural cleaning, wash your face with a special SOAP acne gently using warm water, avoid to use astringent, scrubs, and masks to avoid the skin becomes irritation and exacerbate the active acne

2. use a tea tree oil
tea tree oil may be slow work to treat acne but very effective, there are side effects that caused such as redness and inflammation of the skin

3. Extract the Greens and Aloe Vera
Lotions containing 2% extract of the Green will help reduce acne, and 50% gel containing extracts of Aloe Vera can treat acne naturally

4. Use sunscreen and moisturizer oil-free
Sunlight aggravates acne because of ultraviolet rays, using sunscreen and moisturizer will reduce the risks of ultraviolet rays

5. Ice
The ice was able to reduce the inflammation of acne, attach the ice wrapped in cloth and paste on acne for 1 minute,

6. Egg whites
Egg whites contain protein and vitamins that can be tightened and overcome the clogged pores, acne facial brush with egg whites for 10 minutes then rinse with clean water.

7. Honey
Honey has many benefits are good, add honey and cinnamon and stir in to microwave use with smeared for 10 minutes and rinse, not recommended for those with allergies

8. Sliced cucumber
Cucumber was able to reduce the swelling on the acne, but there has been no research into the effectiveness of cucumbers to remove acne

9. Fix the pattern of life
Life is good in a way, avoid stress enough rest, eat nutritious vegetables and avoiding pollution will help the incidence of acne.

Above is a natural way to treat acne, you can consult with a doctor to know the type of leather and the proper treatment.

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