6 Problems Caused By Lack Of Sleep For The Body

6 Problems Caused By Lack Of Sleep For The Body - Sleep is the need of every human being is equal to the importance of eating and breathing, some impact will be experienced if sleep less?

Sleep can treat mental health and therefore sleep is important, when wake-up body will feel fresh and has the power for daily activities, on teen sleep can support growth because when growth hormone sleep will be issued

Everyone has different sleep needs – different but the quality of sleep is 8 hours of sleep time, so that the function body will run optimally

Problems caused By Lack Of sleep

If not enough sleep and less can cause tired and yawning all day, some of the things here are the effects of lack of sleep

1. Suffering from disease
People who can't sleep or insomnia sleep can be at risk of heart disease, heart failure, heart attack, sleep has a role in the body in the healing and repair of blood vessels, the insomnia also has no heartbeat normal (aritma), diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure

2. Easy pain and hard-cured
If the lack of sleep the production of cytokine protein your body needs will be reduced so that people will be quick to stress, infection

3. Decreased immune
The immune be declined because of the cell's performance in the fight against infection decreases so that the healing process is naturally affect

4. Quickly fatigued, drowsiness and stress
Because the body requires enough rest so if too little rest period will result in quick tired and stress

5. Memory decline
Memories will be disrupted because lack of sleep causes the nerve connections of supporters recall experiencing interference

6. Premature Aging
Most sleep-deprived people who face will look pale and the eyes to swell, if reduced continuously will cause the skin to become dull, there were dark circles under his eyes and fine lines on the face, it is caused by hormone cortisol which destroy collagen, growth hormone is also declining, hormone cortisol also helps the muscle mass, bone meguatkan and thicken your skin

Lack of sleep also can harm people and yourself on while driving, accidents can occur if the lack of sleep due to sleepy.

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