10 Ways To Keep Your Eye Health

Healthuz.net | With our eyes can see, understand and knows all a, in the presence of the eye we must always guard it so that it can always work optimally, the eyes must not be too tired, all the activities we do eye always used so to take care of her eyes need to be given a break from the routine.

The working hours for activities joined – reading, writing, watching the work in front of computer will be exhausted if not ended, so that the eyes are always healthy and nice healthuz will give you tips for maintaining and caring for the eyes

1. Keep your distance when playing games, looking at the TV, and reading
Watching TV with a close eye minus potential will increase, as will the eye fatigue, as well as play games, read also potentially minus eye because the eyes tense and tired quickly, adjust distance on while watching TV and reading so that the eyes are not tired fast

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2. Give time when using a computer, television and reading
Using a computer with a good time limit relaxed turned his gaze a moment, often flashing so that the eyes are not strained

3. Do not be rubbed with hard
Do not rub or rubbed eyes excessively when the eyes of the entry of foreign bodies

4. Avoid pollution and dust
Use eye protection such as goggles when outdoors and drive away to avoid dirt and dust that can make an eye infection

5. Use glasses
Avoid exposure to sunlight or UV rays with the use of a hat or sunglasses, UV rays can make the potential decrease in vision and hardening of the lens

6. The consumption of vitamin A
Eating foods containing vitamin A include Apukat, carrots, tomatoes, papaya and vegetables to maintain eye health, carrot also contain betakaroten which help the eyes to stay healthy, there are also on betakaroten pumpkin

7. Consumption of green vegetables
Broccoli, spinach contains lutein and zeaxanthin which may reduce the risk of cataracts and retinal disorders of the

8. Consume Antioxidants
Orange, cherry will minimize the damage caused by free radicals, then consumption of antioxidants

9. Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids
Consume foods that contain omega-3 such as salmon and tuna because these foods prevent eye risk in old age

10. Use a multivitamin
Vitamins C, E, B6 and B12 are able to maintain eye health because it can slow the progression of a decrease in vision due to interference

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