Definition And Causes Of Gastritis

Have you ever experienced abdominal pain, gastritis, disease maybe it disease gastritis is gastric irritation disease, inflammatory gastritis has two kinds of IE gastritis acute and chronic gastritis.

Definition And Causes Of Gastritis

Symptoms – Symptoms experienced at the time of gastritis are
1. the stomach Nausea
2. Quick satiety
3. Vomiting
4. Bloating
5. Vomiting blood

The first step you have to do is see a doctor immediately to check further, if handling is given as soon as possible the disease can quickly be healed

Causes Of Gastritis
Gastritis has many causes including i.e.
1. Bacterial infection of h. pylori
2. Stress
3. Medication – medication that misused
4. Anemia
5. Age increases
6. autoimmune Reactions
7. the excess Alcohol

To do when suffering from gastritris is
1. breath Test
2. Endoscopic
3. the X – Ray
4. Examination of the stool
5. Examination of the levels of blood cells

That must be done to prevent gastritis
1. Set a schedule and diet
2. Avoid alcoholic beverages

Among the drugs that can avoid this pain is
1. Histamine (H2 blockers)
2. Antasida
3. Antibiotics
4. a proton pump Inhibitor (PPI)
5. Paracetamol

If the gastritis is not in serious obati eating can be worse
1. Bleeding in the stomach
2. gastric Cancer

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