Vertigo Definition In Health

Vertigo definition - Vertigo is a headache attacks accompanied by a sense of turning-swivel, this pain comes unexpectedly – arrive starting from pain in the back and then head towards the eye up to the top of the head, they are hard to open your eyes vertigo, if forced to open eyes then head and eyes will be spinning vertigo, usually occurs in adults and the elderly, from vertigo Vertigo always if not appropriately handled dizziness can cause vertigo.

Vertigo can strike anytime from the mild to the severe, can be experienced only a few hours and some were experiencing vertigo until within days, causing vertigo sufferers cannot work normally.

Every sufferer of vertigo's activities must be done slowly because if implement suddenly ill in the head will reappear, vertigo will interfere and create a sense of discomfort. Vertigo sufferers usually strikes adults but mostly experienced by women than a man.

Some sufferers of vertigo will generally experience a headache, feel, spin, like to vomiting, fever, ear pain, vertigo sufferers should not panic, stress it will aggravate the pain.

Keep in mind that not all headaches are vertigo, it might just be due to low blood pressure, stomach empty, too tired and anxious, it is necessary to see a doctor's examination to find out what is being experienced, whether or not the vertigo vertigo.

Vertigo disease may disappear naturally which is probably due to the hormone, the pattern of healthy living is an attempt for prevention, keeping regular sleep, diet, and exercise routine. There is a movement that must not be performed on the vertigo sufferer such as squats, woke up suddenly, bowing, twisting the head.

Vertigo is not a disease, a correct definition of vertigo is a symptom, the main thing that should be avoided is eating patterns, there is food and drink must be avoided, such as alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, sweets, fried foods, cheese, butter as for fruit such as durian and jackfruit.

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