Types Asthma You Must Know

Types Asthma - If you've ever had asthma? Or ever see a person being asthma, there is a type asthma that should be known, it turns out that asthma can be distinguished according to the situation and cause, therefore knowledge type asthma should be known. Asthma is a condition generally someone kesultan to breathe due to the obstruction of the respiratory tract, asthma sufferers will feel short of breath, tightness, cough and usually accompanied by sound.

Types Asthma You Must Know

Asthma is divided into two, namely asthma in children (child – onset of asthma) and asthmatic adults (adult onset asthma), if at distinguish according to the situation and trigger is as follows :

1. Allergic Asthma

The cause of this type of asthma is an allergen, the allergen is a substance triggers allergies, asthma allergies should avoid objects – objects that cause asthma, fur animals such as cats, hamsters, birds, there are also due from certain foods such as fish food, dust, mold, pollen and others

2. Non-allergic Asthma

Asthma nonalergi caused by the substance of the existing aerial, but not as a substance allergen, such as perfume, cigarettes, street dust and air pollution.

3. Occupational asthma

This type of asthma is asthma that is closely related to the work of the Office at the time, for example a lot of dust, cigarette smoke, stress

4. Exercise induced asthma (EIA)

A very heavy activities can also cause asthma, asthma due to heavy activity is called with the (EIA) Exercise induced asthma

5. Nocturnal Asthma

Asthma types of Nocturnal asthma, appear at night, this asthma can appear at any time, will be more severe at the moment hours of sleep.

6. Cough Variant asthma

Severe dry cough can cause asthma, asthma this occurs due to unhealthy air conditions

7. seasonal Asthma

Seasonal asthma occurred in a particular season for example pollen that many that eventually became the cause of allergies in people with asthma

8. Asthma cough

Chronic bronchitis-like cough or sinus disease can cause asthma, but it is difficult to diagnose, test and checkup is needed before taking action

Asthma is a disease that is difficult to be cured, when given the drug by doctors usually only serves to control the disease, asthmatics should routinely sports like aerobic, swimming, walking, and you should not exercise to the contrary such as run.

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