Nasal Polyp, Sinus Congestion And Rhinitis

Nasal polyp, sinus congestion and rhinitis - When you experience nasal congestion, then what happens is disruption of your daily activities. Nasal congestion often occurs in some people even a baby can also be experienced nasal obstruction occurs in the nasal area left, right up until the second blockage in the nasal area.

Often occurs due to nasal congestion by the flu, but the disease is not only a disease flu can make your nasal congestion. There are some other causes that can create such nasal congestion:
Nasal Polyp, Sinus Congestion And Rhinitis

1. Polyps

Nasal congestion can also be caused by the presence of polyps in the nasal namely tissue growth on the respiratory tract causing respiratory irritation, thus leading to a blockage of the nose. And symptoms in these polyps as the occurrence of blockage in the nasal area that causes difficult breathing out fluid or lenders on the area of the nose, and irritation on the sense of taste.

2. Sinusitis

Sinusitis is an infection or inflammation that occurs in the sinus area, caused by a virus or bacteria. Sine shaped like small holes in it there are located on the cheekbones of a man. Symptoms of sinusitis this is nasal congestion and runny, the loss of sense of smell, coughing, body temperature reaches more than 38 Celsius, headache and appear in people with sinusitis.

3. Rhinitis

Rhinitis can be divided into two parts namely, rhinitis allergic and non-allergic. Allergic rhinitis occurs when someone is direct contact with allergens, e.g. pollen of flowers, as well as dust. If a person is in contact with such objects, then that will happen is someone will direct sneezing, and then removing the fluid in the nose and finally will have blockage in the nose.

Whereas a non allergic rhinitis occurs due to the presence of viruses or bacteria that make the nasal congestion and the symptoms of the disease such as flu.

How to resolve

1. drink warm water and inhale the vapors of hot water
By drinking warm water and inhale the vapors of hot water will help you reduce the problems caused by nasal congestion, and helps your breathing to be smooth.
2. Inhale inhaler
Inhale inhaler will make your breathing to be smooth and reduce nasal congestion problems that make daily activities undisturbed.
3. replace the half-sleep position sit
When someone is experiencing nasal congestion, then that person will have trouble sleeping. Therefore, we recommend that you do not sleep berbaringkarena will aggravate the nose becomes clogged so it gets hard to breathe. And most of the best position sleep time nasal congestion is the position of the half sitting.
4. Don't throw out mucus with a bang
When stuffy nose accompanied by discharge of mucus, we recommend that you do not throw away the mucus out loud because it may cause inflammation of your nasal area that will add severe nasal congestion.
5. the next step is to consult a doctor if increased nasal obstruction is severe nasal congestion that is not cured within 10 days, the liquid comes out of the nose of a green creature, as well as nasal obstruction accompanied by a hot body temperature.

Nasal polyp, sinus congestion and rhinitis, Hopefully this article useful and thank you.

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