Is a Apple a Fruit Or a Vegetable

The difference in fruit and vegetable, Is a Apple a Fruit Or a Vegetable, this question is very simple but a lot of the uninitiated, fruit and vegetable into human needs, to the needs of nutrition on the body, various vitamins contained in the fruit and vegetable such as vitamin A, B, C, D. fruit and vegetables also has lots of benefits for the body

Apple is the fruit that comes from the West Asian region, with subtropical climate. Apples are generally either red or green, have a variety of different types and flavors are also different, at Apple there is vitamin c and vitamin b, Apple also alternative diet as a food replacement.

Apple included a fruit or vegetable? It contains the Apple fruit category because Apple has seeds in it, so the Apple not including vegetables, apples, there is sweet and thick meat after meat is eaten and then the seeds will be distributed to ditanama.

Apple not including the vegetables because of the vegetable has no seeds, there are some vegetables that have seeds and there are some fruits that do not have seeds, so both have different rules.

Then do you know cucumber and tomatoes include what? Cucumber and are the fruits, though normal in considered a vegetable.

Apple has been known by the whole world, which is beneficial to the diet, the diet is good for Apple because it contains high fiber if eaten will be well-fed and last a long time,
benefits of apples

Among the benefits of apples are:

1. Prevent Cancer

Eating apples can prevent cancer cells develop in the body, what apples there is a compound capable of inhibiting compounds are triterpenoids

2. Good For The Skin

Apple can overcome premature aging, acne and oily skin, so apples are great for facial care

3. Good For Digestion

Because there are Apple fiber, vitamins, and minerals the Apple is very easy to digest

4. Prevent Hemorrhoids

Because apples are good for the digestion of fiber in apples is good for reducing the pressure at a time when pubs

5. Lower Cholesterol

The fiber contained in apples can be antioxidants, when eating Apple should eat with his skin because of the anti-oxidants found in Apple skin

6. Prevent Alzheimer's

Apples are good for avoiding Alzheimer's because it contains flavonoids as anti oxidants, as cells – nerve cells can be corrected by drinking Apple juice

7. Treat Asthma

Apples contain fitokimia and the content of polifenol, able to restore the asthma is slowly

8. Teeth Whitening

If diligently eating the apples of your teeth will be white, apples help to whiten teeth naturally

9. Control Blood Sugar

Apples contain natural sweeteners that already balancing sugar levels, they can also keep your insulin levels

10. Prevent Cataracts

Apples also contain vitamin A is good for the eyes, if consumed regularly then it could avoid the risk of cataracts

Lots of apples for health benefits, both uneaten landing or in Apple Juice stay fresh and tasty, get the freshness of Apple and its benefits for a healthy body, so Apple included a vegetable or fruit.

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