Health Benefits in Banana

Health Benefits in Banana - Health can be done in many ways such as regular exercise, eating fruit and vegetable, enough rest and others, the fruit is very good for health because the fruit contains vitamins and substances needed by the body, fruit that is good for the body such as bananas, bananas are very good for health, what is contained in the banana fruit will create the body become healthier

Health Benefits in Banana

Bananas has many benefits, the fact the nutrients in banana fruits are as following, among the benefits contained in the banana fruit is

1. Vitamin B6
2. Kalium
3. Besi
4. Vitamin A
5. Serat
6. Protein
7. Magnesium
8. Niacin
9. Folat
10. Vitamin C
11. Riboflavin
12. Mangan

Bananas can lower the risk of cancer, asthma, lower blood pressure, then consuming bananas is highly recommended because of the content of substances and vitamins are good inside. banana fruit grow in 107 countries in the world because it's not hard to get fruit banana, banana curved shapes, generally yellow in color.

Bananas can also be processed into cakes, juices, and others to make, easy to grow bananas anywhere, bananas have a whole range of fruit is small and there is also a large fruit, between banana goodness for the body is as following

1. Good for digestion
Bananas are good for the body especially for digestion because bananas contain high fiber, bananas are also good for preventing colon cancer, you can mix the bananas with milk for a laxative constipation, bananas are also good for diet
2. Help maintain eye health
In addition it contains vitamin C, bananas contain vitamin A is good for the eyes, bananas contain alpha carotene and beta carotene
3. Launch the blood circulation in the body
Potassium and kalium are very good for regulating blood pressure and circulation in the body, so bananas can help reduce the risk of stroke
4. Keep the function at the heart
Bananas contain kalium is good for the body, the rhythm of the heart will be controlled if potassium is met
5. Good for anemia sufferers
If you are experiencing low blood pressure try bananas for treatment because bananas contain iron (FE), so bananas are especially good for anemia sufferers
6. Prevent asthma
Reduce the occurrence of asthma
7. Good for the liver sufferer
The banana fruit is also very good as the simulant, keep your appetite and is good for liver disease sufferers
8. Healthy brain
Bananas are able to become stimulun of the brain and increase the power of concentration

So the banana health benefits for the body, good to eat every day, both for the health of pregnant women, and make haste to consume healthy food and fruit, and do not forget to insert the banana as a complement.

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