Flu Season You Should Know

flu season - The cold weather of the body can be easily exposed to the attack of flu, flu season is usually attacked on such a winter rainy season and winter, some countries may not experience a snowfall. In the winter it would be more potentially to attack flu because flu viruses can form a hard coating that is easy to spread on the temperature of the cold, flu transmission is extremely easy when one of the members exposed to the flu then the other family members should be vigilant in order to avoid and not contracting the flu virus

Flu Season You Should Know

Maybe the flu is a mild illness but it can interfere with daily activities, the flu is a disease of the turn of the seasons, the flu virus has an incubation period of a relatively short, but very simple in terms of transmission

The flu virus can attack the body durability decreases, the tips to keep the body so as not to catch the flu is as follows:

1. Adequate rest

Work continuously will make the body fatigue and recovery effort will last longer, so that the hormone can make sleep kuring stress increases, on the condition that the body will be vulnerable in viruses, sleep on time to keep the immunity of the body.

2. Drink enough

Drinking enough water can dilute the lenders, and ease the nose that dead end, hot drinks are also very nice to warm up the respiratory tract, consuming drinks containing alcohol can make is getting worse.

3. Warm up yourself

Use warm clothing, jackets and scarves, socks, will make the body feels uncomfortable and is not cold, keeping yourself from the cold temperature will avoid the flu strikes

4. Wash your hands

To eliminate germs should wash hands, hands will be clean and avoid germs and viruses, the hand is the easiest transmission media, don't forget to use anti bacterial SOAP.

5. avoid a touch on the face

Avoid the touch of the face is also very helpful, because the flu virus enters through the mouth, nose and eyes

6. The consumption of nutritious food

To maintain the health and endurance of the body then the consumption of foods that are nutritious, complete meals with vegetables and fruits, can also consume protein, eggs, fish and other lian

Don't need am winter coming up, with the tips above, you can avoid it, hopefully this information can be useful for you, thank you.

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