Flu Causes And How Flu Prevention

Flu Causes And How Flu Prevention - In this article, we discussed about Flu Season, Flu Prevention, Flu Fact, Flu Types, Flu Diagnosis. in order to keep your health and avoid the flu

Flu Understanding

Flu or influenza is a contagious disease that is often suffered by everyone, from babies to adults certainly ever suffered from flu.

Flu Causes

The flu is caused by an RNA virus of the Orthomyxoviridae i.e. influenza virus type A, B, and C that attacks the upper respiratory tract in humans. This virus will spread through the air when a person flu sufferers are sneezing, cough, cold and flu sufferers, adjacent to or via objects contaminated by splashing saliva flu sufferers. The time of transmission of this disease begins one day when someone the flu sufferer has not shown symptoms of the flu and a week after that. Therefore, it is advisable for a person affected by the flu to always wear a mask so that it can not transmit to others.

Flu Season, Flu Prevention, Flu Fact, Flu Types, Flu Diagnosis

Signs and symptoms of the flu

Signs and symptoms of the flu-like disease coughs, headaches, loss of appetite, the whole body feels pain or aches, stuffy nose, fever, and pain during swallowing. Some of these symptoms is very disturbing, because it can interfere with daily activity patterns being disturbed.

Flu Prevention

To avoid this flu, you need to apply a clean life patterns are:
1. Make it a habit hand-washing before and after meals and defecate.
2. avoid direct contact with flu sufferers.
3. Keep the durability of your body if you are in direct contact with cold and flu sufferers, by eating foods that are healthy and nutritious.
4. Always wear a mask while traveling.
5. The last step is to conduct vaccination, vaccination is often done in countries that are developing. Vaccination is only done for people who are easily infected with the virus this flu, such as babies, pregnant women, the elderly, people who are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and asthma due to the durability of their bodies is very weak.

Treat Flu

Flu will recover by themselves, so no need to worry. The most important is when you suffer from flu should do a few things as follows:
1. keep your body durability always with how to eat healthy meals and regular.
2. Rest enough.
3. Keep the temperature of the body remains warm.
4. Drink plenty of plain water warm because it can relieve your flu.
5. avoid stress and fatigue.
6. Consume vitamin C in order to improve the durability of the body.
7. We recommend that you always wear a mask so that the disease cannot be transmitted to others, avoid if there are infants, toddlers, pregnant women, and the family has had a chronic illness.
8. If you feel your disease is getting worse should immediately go to the doctor for further handling.

After reading this article, I hope you can overcome the flu in this article hopefully useful. and thanks.

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