How To Cope With The Flatulence In Infants

The problem of flatulence often troublesome people, because of the flatulence people will get lazy and will interfere with everyday activities. Bloated stomach is a condition that feels full abdomen because gases contained in the stomach. Flatulence is also a problem for infants, because of the flatulence can cause your baby is sick and is crying.

bloated stomach

Causes of flatulence in infants

Flatulence often occur in infants less than 4 months, it caused the baby's digestive system still doesn't work perfectly, so that it can lead to a buildup of gas in the intestines. A few things that can cause a bloated tummy. among them such as

1.Baby food companion tlah breast milk will likely experience flatulence because, the food in the digestive or has not been smooth.
2. Lactose intolerance can also make babies experience flatulence. This occurs in infants who drank milk formula because it is not able to break down the sugar in the milk formula.
3. Incorrect feeding can make baby stomach bloating, because breastfeeding bonding is wrong then it can cause the air into the stomach of the baby.
4. Baby who cried excessively can also make flatulence, because incoming air when the baby is crying so that cause flatulence.
5. The use of Pacifiers in the baby also triggered flatulence in infants.

Sign of flatulence in infants

1. large and protruding Belly.
2. When baby belly on tap gives rise to a sound that is not normal, like there is air in the stomach.
3. The baby often raised her legs over her legs pulling towards the stomach.
4. The baby is fussing and crying without a clear reason.

It is very important for us as parents to know how to cope with the flatulence in infants, because of the flatulence in infants is a serious problem in the baby's digestive system. If after doing some way the tummy still bloated, then immediately consult the doctor. Hopefully this article useful and thank you.

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